Complex Issues in New York Divorces & Separations in Columbia, Greene, Delaware, & Ulster Counties

By combining personal attention with a practical approach, a divorce lawyer in our Columbia County based law office addresses both your immediate needs and the long-term effects of a marital dissolution or family court matter in your separation agreement  or divorce agreement. Not only do we provide the legal counsel you need to assist you in protecting yourself financially, but our representation is designed to help you to develop long-range plans that advance your personal and financial objectives as you look toward the future.  While many couples hope for an uncontested or no-fault divorce, it often happens that one spouse is in disagreement about the terms of dissolution. In some cases, these differences may be resolved through mediation or minor negotiations. In many others, the situation is far more contentious, the divorce becomes contested, and more complicated strategies or even complex supreme court or family court litigation may be necessary to achieve the goals of the divorcing parties.  During your legal separation, divorce, or family court matter, a wide variety of legal issues may arise that will require the assistance of a seasoned Columbia County divorce attorney in crafting a comprehensive separation agreement or divorce agreement.  Issues that may be considered include:

  • contested or uncontested divorces under New York's no-fault legislation
  • separation, settlement, and marital property agreements
  • debt allocation
  • prenuptial and postnuptial (antenuptial) agreements
  • child custody and visitation
  • child support
  • out-of-state / interstate / international custody
  • spousal maintenance and support (alimony)
  • high net worth divorce
  • business asset division
  • modification of divorce decrees, judgments, and family court order
  • enforcement of Family Court or Supreme Court orders and judgments

Whether you reside in Hudson, Catskill, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, or any other county in New York State, your divorce agreement or separation agreement must include both a recitation of specific statutory language and an acknowledgement that various considerations particular to your own circumstances have been considered to be enforceable.  Such language is best prepared by a skillful divorce lawyer.

Planning for your new life after divorce can be complicated.  Experienced legal counsel can help.

Planning for your new life after divorce can be complicated. Experienced legal counsel can help.

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